Mobile Libraries anyone? I remember those.
The Eames DSR chair bases are admired for their structural
and aesthetic simplicity by design enthusiasts amongst
whom they are fondly known as the “Eiffel”
Thanks to a change in the law, replica versions of such
“designer” furniture products were ordered sold by January
2017 or thereafter, destroyed. That’s how I came to acquire
some of these bases , little did I know that their seating
points were arranged on an incline. ROTI is my solution to
this problem. My adopted method of construction whilst
simplifying production and assembly also adds a level of
aesthetic interest.
This concept is a hybrid in every sense, because it combines
the classic with the modern whilst reimagining how
furniture can measure up to our need for flexible spaces
whilst not reminding us of office furniture.
Briggs in The Shawshank Redemption would have loved
What do you do when you have pulled too many bathtubs
out of the rubble of a demolition site? Get creative and have fun!
I have long admired and collected office chair bases for their structural and aesthetic properties , they are literally
the foundation of all office work worldwide, but of course
they belong in the office, just like bath tubs belong in the
bathroom. We wouldn’t sully our private spaces with them.
So I introduced these two offensive particles to each other and together they made a sculpture befitting any lounge.
Once I have figured a softer, warmer landing for the body
and an attractive patina for the eyes of the humans, that is.
I could tell you about this, but then I’d have to kill you.
Be reassured that though that it was inspired by waste,
specifically: the Tupperware packaging my store bought hummus comes in.