Upcycling doesn’t come cooler than this.
Take a spoon, cut a hole in the bowl,
smoothen the edges of that hole,
then bring the lustre back to what
is now a Spooner. Simple! (Or is it?)

That star shaped hole is not just a pretty face.
It is in fact the optimum shape which allows
the curved bowl to sit wobble free
on the crown as you crack one. Cheers!

Over 3000 sold, and not one the same,
even when they are identical. Which means,
each spoon we have handled has had to be marked, twice,
so that our operator knows where to start the cut.
A real labour of love.

They all have one thing in common though
all are made from silver plated spoons
most of which have passed down through the ages
and they certainly bear their scars which,
they wear incredibly well (after a polish or two)

If all of that weren’t enough: shipping is FREE, to ANYWHERE
(via Royal Mail only). What are you waiting for?


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